Assistive technology

Here you can find a selection of exercises where different assistive devices are used.

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The Grabber's handle has a magnet at the end. Grasp the pincher and use the Grabber's handle to pick up small metal objects.
Hold a cane on one side. Walk forward. Place the cane in the ground at the same height as the diagonal foot to achieve support and decreased load on this leg as you walk forward.
The patient laying supine on the floor with a pillow under the head. Helper 2: Guides and instructs the patient: "Bend your legs" "Turn on the side" Helper 1: Fold the sling after the Z-method and places the sling's bottom corner by the patient's tailbone and the centre line of the sling is to be aligned with the spine. The top part supports the head and shoulder. "Roll back in a supine position" Helper 2: Folds out the sling. Straightens the sling out underneath the patient by pulling the lower edge of the sling. Places the leg supporting part of the sling underneath the knee, and pulls them up. The straps are crossed.

The patient's feet is places on the footplate. Helper instructs the patient: "Stand up" The sitting plates are folded down behind the patient. Disable the brakes and back the turner up. The helper actively moves with the turner, and positions it by the bed. The brakes are enables. The helper instructs the patient: "Stand up" The sitting plates are folded up and the patient is instructed to sit down.
1. Ensure that the brace joint is locked in full extention and the narrowest part of the brace is facing down towards the foot. 2. Place the brace above the leg with loops on the outside of the leg. The joint on the brace should be at the same level as the knee joint. 3. Attach the straps to the loops and lock them, there should be room for one finger between the leg and the straps. 4. Adjust circumference using the velcro fasteners if necessary.
Move forward by moving one leg at the same time as the opposite sides crutch. Then continue the walking sequence with the opposite leg and crutch.

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Put the brakes on the chair. Remove the armrest and footrest if they are removable. Pull the handle on the back of the chair to lay down their backs. Remove the brakes and press into the center of the hub to release the wheels.
This is an example of a simple instruction for using the PEP mask. Keep the mask fixed to cover both the nose and mouth without pushing too hard. Breathe in through your nose or mouth. Breathe out into the mask without exerting yourself too much. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Repeat 5-15 times in succession.
This is an example of a simple instruction for the use of mini-PEP. Close your mouth on the mouthpiece. Breathe in through your nose or mouth. Exhale without exerting yourself too much. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Repeat 5-15 times in succession.

Attach one end of the collar 'n cuff to the forearm of the affected arm. Then, lead it behind your back and diagonally toward the opposite shoulder. Finally, put your hand in the other end of the collar 'n cuff.
Put both crutches a steps length ahead of you and divide your weight with the axilla crutches. Put the injured leg between the crutches and bring the healthy leg forward and through.
1. Insert the button hook into the buttonhole and place the widest part around the button. 2. Drag the button hook towards you, sliding the button into the narrow part of the button hook. Turn the button hook to the other side so that the button passes through the buttonhole. 3. Push the button hook against the button, sliding it into the wider part. Release the button.

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