Explosive exercises

Here you can find explosive exercises that challenges and improve the ability to apply power.

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Stand with one leg on the ground and the other leg on a bench behind you. Bend the front leg as far as possible and extend the leg in a explosive motion, add as well a small jump. Land steadily and repeat the motion. Keep your knee in line with the toes during the entire exercise.
Stand with the weight bar resting on your shoulders in "rack"-position and with your feet hip-width apart. Hands are placed just in front of your shoulders. Tighten abdomen and back. Start the movement by making a quick and explosive jump. Split your feet so one feet lands in front of the other like if you were doing a lunge. At the top of the jump, press the bar up towards the roof so the bar is held with stretched arms and in split position when landing after the jump. From landing position, stretch your legs and stand up with the bar above your head. Move your front foot first, and then move your back foot. When standing up, the bar is lowered down steadily to starting position.
Stand with a box in front of you and put the weight on one foot. Jump up on the box and stabilise the landing position. Stretch out your hips and move into standing position before jumping off the box again. Your body must be fully stretched when standing on the box, before you jump down on the floor and jump back up again.

Stand with one leg on the BOSU-ball and the other next to it. Do a lunge and push off, so that you perform a jump with the legs together to the other side of the BOSU-ball, with the opposite leg on the top of the ball. Turn 180 degress in the air, so that you land with the back in the opposite direction. Land softly, with the knee in line with the toes on the opposite side of the BOSU-ball. Repeat the jump back to the starting position.
Start in split squat position. From this position, jump up and move your feet, so you land on the floor with the opposite leg in front of the other. In this exercise, it is important to keep your upper body straight and that the strength in the jump moves upwards. Knee stability and control is important to avoid valgus collapse in your knee.
Bend into a quarter squat and swing your arms back, then swing them forward and explode up off the ground. Land on the box as softly as possible. Don't let your knees collapse inwards.

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Start in deep knee bend position with a slam ball between your feet. Start the movement by stretching yourself up and lift the ball up above your head. Stretch your body as much as possible and then throw the ball hard down on the floor by bending your arms and hips. Use abdomen and your hips to create pace for the ball.
Stand on one foot. Perform a maximum jump forward. Land softly and stable on the same foot you jumped with.
Start the exercise with a few jumps to find the rhythm. Jump up and down by actively using your ankle joint. The movement is made by crossing your arms with the rope in front of your body so that you jump through the crossed rope. Open up your arms again when the rope has passed your feet. Your shoulders must be relaxed during the entire exercise, and it is your wrists that create movement in the rope.

Stand in an upright position holdning the bell in front of your body with both hands. Find a straight line from shoulder to knee and ankle (basic position). Stretch your arms and push the bell with your hip. When the bell returns toward your body, sit back down (as if doing a squat). When you have reached the lowest position desired, press your heels powerfully down into the floor and push your hip forward and up (hip drive)to further perform a jump forward. The landing phase should be soft, landing with your hips and knees slightly bend. Breathe in on your way down and out at the highest point. Jump after the bell and focus on the eccentric movements.
Stand with a box next to you. Stand on one foot and jump laterally up on the box. Land on the box and stabilise your movement before jumping off the box again. Jump back to the same side. Knee control and balance are important during this exercise.
Start in standing position. Start the movement by bending your knees, placing your hands on the floor, and stretching your legs out behind your body. Lower your body quickly but yet steadily down towards the floor and move your feet quickly back towards your body. Roll backwards so your are lying on your back with your arms above your head. Do a sit-up and jump up from deep knee bent position. Clap your hands above your head with stretched arms.

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