About us


We're ExorLive; a team who simply loves to move and be active!
Being active makes us happy and energetic.
That's why we are thrilled to create software that's inspiring!

Our Passion

We are passionate about inspiring motion. We believe that exercise, an outlet for energy, also promotes happiness and security, and that it affects our lives positively and holistically.

Our Goal

We have brought together professionals from a wide range of disciplines to achieve our ultimate goal: inspire people to move. Whether they are physiotherapists, software developers or fitness instructors, all members of the ExorLive team are committed to developing the best training software and providing user-friendly, content-rich solutions to professionals.

Our Story

In an ever-changing field, ExorLive has always found innovative ways to inspire people to move by producing high-quality, efficient and consistent exercise programmes.

We launched our first software package, Exercise Organizer, as early as 2003, when the majority of exercise programmes were still being created using pen and paper. In 2007, the release of ExorLive enabled our customers to utilise the benefits of cloud-based technology for the first time, and set the industry standard as it was the first single-page web application of its kind. High quality videos and pictures now provide additional support and ExorLive Player enables users to share these via the internet. The era of the smartphone and tablet has provided ExorLive with the next opportunity to inspire people to move. The ExorLive app is a content-driven communications platform between instructor and client. Instructors can communicate relevant videos to their clients as well as accessing their exercise programmes. Clients can let their instructors know whether or not they have understood the exercises given, and can also log when they have completed them.

Because we are passionate about inspiring people to move, we created a true HTML5 training app that works on every platform. Today, almost a half-million people use our app!

Increasing Interconnectedness

In response to our biggest clients’ feedback, we created ExorLive Enterprise, an efficient, timesaving exercise software solution allowing multiple points of involvement from within a single organisation: now everyone in a company, whatever their role, can gain easy access to specialized information and functions that are useful and relevant to them.


Today’s customers expect non-related systems to communicate and adapt to each other. With this in mind, we have developed an innovative and robust API (Application Programming Interface). By seamlessly integrating with other systems, our products avoid costly inefficiencies.


Innovation is inherent to our work. We strive to challenge the status quo and are always seeking better solutions. Our latest concept, ExorLive Skin, enables users to quickly make up their own personalized exercise app with logo, colours and training content included. No need to spend millions on app development!

Additionally, we have several innovative projects in the pipeline, which we look forward to launch in the coming years.