How to move in the clinic

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How to move in the clinic

ExorLive Clinic - A total solution

Training program from therapist straight in the app
Training program from therapist straight in the app

Eva is having trouble with her knee and has contacted the clinic. There she receives help from her physical therapist who has created an exercise program for her that is customized for her injury and goals.

This was sent directly to the clinic’s app that Eva has on her phone. That way, she can easily keep track of her rehabilitation, with and without physical therapists present.

Automatic exercise suggestions in the app

Terje felt pain in his back on Friday and tried to book an appointment with the clinic. He booked a visit for early Monday morning but is uncertain as to what he should do in the meantime. Through the survey in the clinic’s app, Terje can receive suggestions for exercises that can alleviate the pain while waiting for his appointment.

Training tools for therapists

Easy follow-up of patients

Tom works as a physical therapist in the clinic and follows up on many patients every week. To provide the best and most effective follow up, he uses ExorLive.

With ExorLive, Tom can easily create and share exercise programs with his clients, and he can make use of ExorLive’s large exercise library. He can also track the progression of each client on his phone, as well as adjust the difficulty and exercises throughout.

Booking and follow-up all the way

Muscle therapist Sophie works in the clinic as well. Lately, she has received more clients through the clinic’s own app. The app contributes to patients seeing all the offers the clinic has, and makes it easier for the patients to book appointments with different therapists.

Sophie also offers training programs and uses ExorLive’s system to follow up on clients who wants it after treatment.

Easy integration and control for management
Seamless integration to journal systems

Kristian works as CEO in the clinic, and knows that if the therapists have good tools at their disposal, it is easier for them to follow up on patients - and it makes the days easier if someone needs a temporary replacement.

It is also important that the therapists can log initiatives and progression without doing the same work twice. Therefore, Kristian has started using ExorLive’s center system and connected it to the clinic’s journal system. This enables easy transitions between journal systems and ExorLive. Data from ExorLive can also be stored in the journal systems.

Integrate ExorLive in your company

Helge is a technical specialist and likes coffee, software that works like it is supposed to, and neat APIs.

He is pleased with ExorLive, which has solid solutions for integration of the program into his business.

ExorLive Clinic - A total solution

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