ExorLive Add-ons

Save time! ExorLive can be integrated with multiple journal and member systems, so you can easily synchronize data and avoid having to enter information twice. With this link, you can jump directly from your patient or client system to ExorLive to create a program for your practitioner.

Are you a developer? Click here for ExorLive API documentation and here for ExorLive Webwrapper

We have connections to:

United Kingdom

  • Sport Solution


  • Takecare

  • Melior

  • 1177 V√•rdguiden

  • ClinicBuddy

  • DIPS

  • BRP

  • DL Prime Sports Edition (PDF)

  • Hano

  • SG-X

  • RixData

  • Extensor

  • Sport solution

  • Procapita

  • Cambio


  • Promed/C Corpus

  • TakeCare (PDF)

  • DL Prime Sports Edition (PDF)

  • InformaMedica

  • Physica

  • DIPS

  • Hano

  • Arko

  • Extensor


  • Takecare

  • KMD

  • DIPS

  • Hano

  • Extensor

  • WinKAS

  • XMedicus

  • Sport solution

  • FlexyBox

  • DL Prime Sports Edition

ExorLive API documentation

Read more in the ExorLive API documentation

ExorLive Webwrapper

ExorLive Webwrapper is an application that opens our web-based product ExorLive as if it were installed on your computer. This allows locally installed third-party applications to communicate with ExorLive.

The web wrapper needs the .NET 2.0 Framework installed on the computer, this is usually installed with Windows Update. After installation, ExorLive Webrapper will have a shortcut on the Start menu and on the desktop. If you are going to use ExorLive without any third party software, this shortcut can be used to start ExorLive. You will be presented with a standard login menu that you recognize from ExorLive.

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