Exorlive for schools and educations

We are committed to research and educational collaborations

Since our start in 2003, we have focused on research and development with close cooperations with relevant educational institutions. This is based on the belief that the need for a professional tool for training guidance must be based on a strong-rooted foundation.

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Cooperation is the first priority either in the form of research and / or education. Our experience of this has a synergistic effect that benefits all parties . This creates the spirit of a win-win scenarios for all parties.

Educational units provides the students with a professional tool that is in conjunction to the training manual, exercise inspiration and movement analysis, and the ability to influence further development both in terms of technical content and useful features. We at ExorLive get good feedback and inputs that are used in order to further development. In the addition, we have more cooperation in terms of assignments and research projects.

We also keep up on many exciting projects where we among other things: develop solutions that enable knowledge to be based on experience, and we use data from research. A training manual is being made available in an educational format for current students and education environments, eg. in health and sport.

Today we cooperate with the following:

  • Oslo Universitetssykehus
  • Universitetet i Agder
  • Norges idrettshøgskole
  • Syddansk Universitet
  • Rygcenter Syddanmark
  • Sports Club Education
  • Physiotherapy educations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

”ExorLive is a natural element to our personal trainer program. Our teachers use ExorLive to create small exercise books for the students, so that they visually get a nice overview of what we go through in class.”
  — Jonas Lissjanis / Founder and co-owner of Sports Club Education, Sweden