ExorLive Municipal Package

ExorLive Municipal Package is efficient, simple and safee welfare technology with total solutions for health services in your municipality.

For the management in the municipality

The gap between the requirements and expectations of the health service is widening, at the same time as available resources are shrinking. With ExorLive's package solutions, the management gets a total solution that covers the needs of professionals and gives all residents a good training offer.

For the professionals in the municipality

More and more people need follow-up in the municipalities and the professionals are struggling to offer good enough services. ExorLive's package solutions not only make everyday life easier, but also ensure that the collaboration between the various professionals takes place in a safer and more efficient way.

For the inhabitants of the municipality

The municipalities offer too few health services, at the same time as the inhabitants are getting older and more are getting chronic diseases. With ExorLive's municipal package, residents get easy access to exercise, whether they are healthy or in need of care.

For the technical manager in the municipality

Several systems, different suppliers, poor security and difficult implementation increase the complexity and administration in the municipalities. ExorLive's municipal package solution is complete and secure, at the same time as it can easily be implemented in the municipality.

ExorLive's package solutions for municipalities

Our package solutions increase collaboration between professionals, support staff who assist with training and make it easy to offer training to citizens.

We help your municipality find the best solution via one or more of the package solutions below.

For the municipality's professionals

The package solution for all relevant municipal employees who are involved in providing training to the residents.

  • Instructor licenses for all professionals

  • Administrator licenses for all administrators

  • ExorLive Assistant licenses for healthcare professionals and assistants

  • ADFS Basic Setup for more efficient user management

  • ExorLive API for connection to relevant systems in the municipality

For the municipality's inhabitants

The package solution that ensures that all residents in the municipality can access training and inspiration in a simple way.

  • ExorLive Go App for all residents of the municipality for easy access to training

  • ExorLive Go App customized with own content and inspiration

  • SeniorLive for the municipality's seniors with training videos for music

  • ExorLive Survey in the training app that provides personalized training suggestions based on questions

  • ExorLive Recommendation which gives the municipality control over what is recommended by the training program

  • ExorLive Player Enterprise lets you share practice videos and other content on your channels via a secure and ad-free player

  • ExorLive Media Storage 20 GB allows you to upload your own exercises with videos to the exercise bank in ExorLive

  • 1 Administrator and Instructor license to set up desired settings and content for the municipality's residents

  • ExorLive API / SSO to ExorLive Go App for a better user experience for the citizen

Automated Training Guidance

The package solution for municipal employees who guide residents with training, safely assisted by a digital training supervisor.

  • ExorLive Assistant plus licenses for healthcare professionals and assistants

  • Automated ExorLive Care Survey with quality-assured screening and questions

  • Automated ExorLive Recommedation Engine that provides full control over the content and quality assurance of training proposals

  • Content module for Care survey with quality-assured training programs

  • ExorLive Statistics and Report Module that provides control over activity and development for groups and individuals

  • 1 Administrator and Instructor license to set up desired settings and content for the municipality's residents

  • ADFS Basic Setup for more efficient user management

  • ExorLive API for connection to relevant systems in the municipality

Always included in the packages

The municipal packages contain all our basic functions that make it easy for both professionals and residents in the municipality.

  • Over 8000 exercises with video

  • Over 1000 completed programs

  • Share application via app, print and email

  • Uploading own exercises

  • Communicate with the patient via the app

  • Statistics and feedback

  • Smart search function

  • Translate exercises into several languages

  • Administration support

  • 2nd line user support

  • Assistance with security assessment, review of alternative security solutions and completion of Data Processor Agreement

  • Start-up and coordination meetings, basic setup of the organization, departments, import of users. Up to 15 hours. Including 3 60 min courses.

  • E-learning course for training relevant people

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Additional products for the municipal packages

Here you see extra features, security solutions, courses and the like you can add to get more out of your solution.

ExorLive Media Storage

With ExorLive media storage, you can increase storage space and upload more of your own exercises and larger videos to share with your clients.

ExorLive Go App extensions

Customize with your own design and features. Provide personalized training programs and automatic suggestions. In addition, you can get your very own app in the App Store and Google Play.

ExorLive Video meeting

With ExorLive Video meeting, you can guide and adjust your clients exercise program over video while you talk and see each other.

ExorLives Technical solutions

A solution that grows with you. Take advantage of API, WebWrapper, Program Exporter, ADFS, and PDS.

Course and workshops

ExorLive offers courses and workshops, and has plenty of experience with training employees and teaching new functions.


Do you need extra help from us? No problem. We have a team that can assist you in project management and cost-effective adjustments to meet your needs.