How to move for fitness

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How to move for fitness

ExorLive Fitness - A total solution

Training program from PT straight in the app
Training program from PT straight in the app

Eva wishes to get in better shape, which is why she has signed up at a fitness center. There she has been given a PT that has given her a training program that considers her wishes and goals. This has been sent directly to the fitness center’s training app on Eva’s phone. That way, she can easily keep track of her training - when training on here own as well as with her PT.

Automatic exercise suggestions in the app

Terje is also an active member of a gym. He therefore wishes to train alone, which is why he likes the automatic suggestions he receives from the gym’s app. This has helped Terje get started with his training. Moreover, he is starting to consider a personal trainer because he has set a new couple of goals that he needs help reaching. A session with a PT can easily be scheduled through the app.

Training tool for personal trainers

Training guidance on the go

Marte works as a PT and has a lot of customer. To offer the best possible follow-up in an effective manner, she uses ExorLive. There, Marte can easily make and share training programs with all her customers. She can also track the progression for each customer through her phone as well as adjust the difficulty and exercises throughout.

Follow-up all the way

Erik is a new PT. He doesn’t have as many customers as Marte yet, but during last year he managed to get new customers through the members’ training app. Erik also offers web-coaching and uses ExorLive’s system to follup up on customers that would like follow-up outside of the gym.

Control with professional content and numbers for management
Get loyal and active members

Kristian works as a gym leader. He knows that a member who receives help getting started with training is more likely to succeed and continue with it. Kristian also knows that most gym members work out on their own or in groups, and he would like for his gym to have an offer for those members who do not use PTs.

To that end, Kristian has decided to adopt ExorLive’s gym system and connected it to his own member system. Here, members can express their goals and interests as well as receive recommendations on exercises and programs through the gym’s training app. Those who wish to exercise on their own can do so, and those that would appreciate a little help can easily ask questions or schedule a PT-session in the app. In ExorLive, it is also easy for Kristian to see the results and statistics on both customers and PTs.

Custom-made experience for members

Anne works with the gym’s website and content. With the help of ExorLive’s content library, she has arranged exercises and programs that fit the equipment they have at the gym. In addition, Anne has used ExorLive Survey to allow the members to express what they like as well as their training goals. That way, Anne is sure that the members receive automatic suggestions regarding training that are both relevant and professionally approved.

Anne is also responsible for online marketing and works to increase the members’ activity at the gym. Anne therefore values ExorLive’s solution where customers can easily get in touch the the PT directly in the app, as well as see and log their training.

Integrate ExorLive in your company
ExorLive API

Helge is a technical specialist and likes coffee, software that works like it is supposed to, and neat APIs.

He is pleased with ExorLive, which has solid solutions for integration of the program into his business.

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ExorLive fitnesspakken - A total solution

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