Exercise: Crossfit Rings
By using ring exercises, you can improve both strength and stability. You will find various exercises like pull-ups, muscle-ups, flies, push-ups, rowing and gymnastic inspired exercises. This video shows Backlever, 1 leg. Start by hanging from the rings with your head downwards. Tighten abdomen and back. Pull one knee up to your chest and hold the static position. Lower your leg steadily down towards the floor with a stretched body. Your face is turned towards the floor. It is important to keep your arms stretched during the entire exercise.
Jackknife in rings
Start with your feet placed on a bench or on the floor and the rings in your hands so your body is bending forward. Start the movement by stretching your arms out in front of your body and lower your body down towards the floor. It is important to keep abdomen and back completely stable so your lower back and pelvis do not hang or curve. Your body must be straight as a plank. When you reaches extreme position, move your arms back towards your legs till you are back in starting position.
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