Here you can find a selection of functional exercises that is performed with high intensity.

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Stand with a box in front of you. Make a controlled jump over the box and land on the other side. Turn around and jump back again. Knee control and steadiness are important during the movement.
Stand with the weight bar resting on your shoulders. Hold your elbows a little out in front of the bar. Keep the weight on your heels and make a deep knee bend. In bottom position, make sure to keep your hip below your knee joint. Use your legs to stretch back up and at the top of the movement, press the bar up above your head. It is important to use strength from your legs and to keep your back in its natural position during this exercise. Be aware of your elbows not touching your thighs in bottom position.
Place a kettlebell on the ground between your feet. Lower yourself down to a squat position and grab the handle with one hand. Push your hips forward as you raise yourself up and pull the kettlebell up to your chest. Rotate your hand to make the bell lean towards the back of your hand. Push the bell from your chest and up towards the ceiling by raising your arm and extending your elbow. Reverse the procedure back to staring position.

Start in handstand position with your back against the wall. Keep your body straight by tightening abdomen and back. Keep your elbows straight. Start the movement by lowering your head steadily down towards the floor. Stop the movement when the top of your head touches the floor. Press yourself steadily back up to starting position. Keep your body stable during the entire exercise.
Start by hanging from the rings with your head downwards. Tighten abdomen and back. Pull both knees towards your chest so you are in a tucked position. Lower your body down steadily towards the floor. Your face is turned towards the floor. It is important to keep your arms stretched during the entire exercise.
Start the exercise with a few jumps to find the rhythm. Jump up and down by actively using your ankle joint. The movement is made by, in turns, moving one foot forwards and the other foot backwards between the jumps. Your shoulders must be relaxed during the entire exercise, and it is your wrists that create movement in the rope.

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Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stand with your foot placed on one end of the rope and hold the other end in your hand. Start the movement by stretching your hips and arm out in a small curved movement. Let the curved motion move from side to side in front of your body in a coherent movement. It is important to tighten abdomen and back during the move so you will get the strength out in the rope by using hips and arm.
Start by hanging with a neutral grip on the rings. Pull yourself up steadily while you do an outwards rotation with your hands. Pull yourself all the way up so your shoulders move all the way up to the rings. Lower yourself steadily down to starting position.
Hang from the highest bar with your back facing the bars. Your legs are cleared from the ground. Move your legs up and towards your hands. When you reach the top, move your legs slowly and controlled down to one side. Go as deep as you can before you lift them back up again and over to the other side. Keep your legs straight.

Stand with the weight bar resting on your shoulders in "rack"-position and with your feet hip-width apart. Hands are placed just in front of your shoulders. Tighten abdomen and back. Start the movement by making a quick and explosive jump. Split your feet so one feet lands in front of the other like if you were doing a lunge. At the top of the jump, press the bar up towards the roof so the bar is held with stretched arms and in split position when landing after the jump. From landing position, stretch your legs and stand up with the bar above your head. Move your front foot first, and then move your back foot. When standing up, the bar is lowered down steadily to starting position.
From knee bend position, pull yourself all the way up to the rings with your chest. Move the rings closely along your body and finish the turn so you can finish the exercise by pressing yourself up to end position. Use your legs when you pull and turn if needed.
Grasp high on the T-handle with a firm grip. Maintain the grip and bend forward with bent arms. Assume a stable body position. Take a deep breath, activate your abdominal muscles and push forward, driving through your legs. Use your forefoot and maintain good contact/friction between your toes and the ground when pushing the prowler sled forward. Remember to breathe throughout the exercise.

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