ExorLive Enterprise

ExorLive Enterprise is for those of you who are more people in an organization. Get access to ExorLive’s main functions as well as tools for settings and administration.

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With ExorLive Enterprise, you can:


Create and find professional exercises, programs and plans for your clients.

Choose between quality assured exercises with videos, drawings and descriptions.

Own exercises
Create your own exercises with video and pictures. Choose how you want to share them. exercises has been created in ExorLive so far.

Choose among more than 1000 quality assured programs or make your own.

Make plans and plan templates that you can share with your clients and colleagues.

Edit exercises, programs and plans as you see fit. Draw on the exercise pictures to highlight the most important parts.

Find related exercises and programs with only one click.

Find alternative exercises and programs by level of difficulty.


Share with your clients in different ways and give them easy access to their training.

Share exercises safely through email.

Share programs and plans through print outs. Choose the layout you like the most and add your own logo.

ExorLive Go App
Share exercises, programs and plans with your clients through ExorLive Go App. Follow their progress and guide them throughout. Find out more.

Use ExorLive Player to watch videos yourself and share them with colleagues and clients. This is an application that can run without you being logged in to ExorLive, and that has many useful functions.


Get access to a wide range of functions that make your life easier.

Search and machine learning
You will notice in ExorLive that it is easy to search and find what you’re looking for. But you will also experience that it becomes increasingly easy because we have built in a machine learning system that gets better at helping you the more it gets to know you.

Help center
Get more out of ExorLive by finding useful tips in your help center for ExorLive. Help is never more than a click away.

Stay up to date with our news board where we give you useful information about new functions and tips.

Security at the forefront
With ExorLive you are guaranteed that data storage security is taken care of.

ExorLive comes in the five languages Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and English. More languages are on their way!

Get easy access to your most recent programs and activities on your home-page.

Follow the progression for single clients and groups. Select among various types of helpful statistics.

If you want guidance, please do reach out. We are delighted to help you.

For you as an administrator

Adjust and modify functions in your organization with our administration tools.

User administration
Stay on top of your organization’s users. Make departments and govern user rights depending on their needs.

Account administration
Keep control of your licenses and adjust as needed.

Settings for the organization
Choose settings that fit your organization best. Here you can set standard language, print out, logo and page layout.

Action Center
Let services you want to automate be taken care of by ExorLive’s Action Center. For example, inviting or deactivating users.

Get the full overview by extracting reports about users and activities.

If you want guidance, just contact us. We are happy to help!

  •   Add-on products for ExorLive Enterprise

ExorLive Go
App Extensions

Find out more

Media Storage

Find out more


Find out more


Find out more


Find out more


Find out more


Adjust design and functions and get the app extensions Survey and Recommendation.

ExorLive Go App Toolbox
Get access to Toolbox, which enables you to customize the app-experience for your users.

ExorLive Survey
Give your clients a chance to answer some questions and let the answers support recommendations for exercises/programs/plans in ExorLive Go. Standard version costs 300 GBP for setup. Customized Survey can be ordered.

ExorLive Recommendation
Gives ExorLive Go users automatic suggestions for exercises, programs and plans based on the user’s profile. The standard version is included in ExorLive Go ToolBox. A customized version can be ordered. May be combined with ExorLive Survey.


With ExorLive media storage you can upload more of your own exercises in addition to the 500 MB included. You can also upload single videos that are larger than 30 MB.

ExorLive media storage 20 GB
You receive an extra 20 GB of data storage. Moreover, the limit per video is increased to 100 MB. In normal quality, 1 MB equals roughly 1 second of video. 100 GBP per year.

ExorLive media storage 100 GB
You receive an extra 100 GB of data storage. Moreover, the limit per video is increased to 300 MB. In normal quality, 1 MB equals roughly 1 second of video. 500 GBP per year.

More than 100 GB?
Contact us and we will find a solution that fits you


Share videos of exercises through email, link or QR-code. With a license from ExorLive, you have ExorLive Player included and can share exercises with your contacts 1-to-1. You can also include up to 5 exercises on your website as well as access functions and unlimited use through these solutions:

ExorLive Player Enterprise
Play exercise videos with no limits. You also get access to adjust settings such as autoplay, loop, hide links, and much more.

ExorLive Player Enterprise Custom
Do you wish to customize ExorLive Player? No problem. Contact us, then we’ll adjust the experience according to your needs.


SeniorLive makes it easy to add more activity to your nursing home or institution. SeniorLive consists of carefully selected exercises put together to cheerful and motivational music, and is played off easily either digitally or through a USB-key.

SeniorLive Player
With SeniorLive Player, you can play exercise videos on a device digitally and/or through USB-key.

SeniorLive Player Enterprise
With SeniorLive Player Enterprise, you can play videos on 20 different locations within the organization - digitally and/or through a USB-key.


ExorLive offers workshops and has plenty of experience with training employees and teaching new functions.

Get-started course
Rest assured that all your professional users have an inspiring and fruitful start. We host the course at your location.

Webinar/internet course
The course is conducted over the internet through video conference. The content can be modified depending on you and your colleagues’ wishes. Both an Admin course and ExorLive Toolbox course can be done in this practical fashion.

ExorLive Go ToolBox course
Learn how you can adjust the ExorLive Go app’s appearance and functions so it fits your preferences.

ExorLive Admin course
Learn how you use ExorLive’s administrative functions. The level of difficulty is adjusted according to your needs.

ExorLive Workshop
With ExorLive Workshop, we will customize a training module in ExorLive based on your needs.

Do you need extra help from us? No problem. We have a team that can assist you in project management and cost-effective adjustments to meet your needs.


A solution that grows with you. Take advantage of API, WebWrapper, Program Exporter, ADFS, and PDS.

ExorLive API
Use ExorLive’s rich API functionality for better user experience and automation of services. 450 GBP per year.

ExorLive WebWrapper
Run ExorLive safely on every user’s PC as if ExorLive was installed. This offers the possibility of integrating into an electronic journal system/CRM that is installed locally, as well as Single SignOn (SSO). 110 GBP per user per year.

ExorLive Program Exporter
Have all signed patient programs exported automatically to your journal system. You can view the program as a PDF. Setup costs 500 GBP and then 500 GBP per year.

ExorLive ADFS
The organization can benefit from existing Active Directory (AD) for simple and efficient user administration and SSO. 700 GBP. for setup.

ExorLive PDS
Know that personal information remains on your internal server or wherever you wish with ExorLive PDS module. (Personal Data Security Module). In other words, you can take advantage of the benefits that come with our cloud-service without having to worry about the safety of your personal information. 950 GBP for setup and then 2.850 GBP per year.


  • “The large database serves as inspiration and even suggests exercises we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.“

    Jette Blom Fledelius / Physiotherapist

    Municipality of Brøndby, Denmark

  • “The variation and the richness of detail in the choice of exercises cannot be found in any other program on the market.“

    M. Lagerqvist / Naprapath

    Elite Rehab, Sweden

  • “ExorLive significantly simplifies our members' understanding of the exercises, they have to do, and how to do them.”

    Øyvind Mittet / Training Responsible

    3T, Norway

  • “ExorLive enables our personal trainers to communicate actively with their clients even outside of their PT time, which really gives the client value for money”

    Jonas Lissjanis

    Founder and part owner of Sports Club Education. Former PT manager in SATS, Sweden

  • “The variation and the richness of detail in the choice of exercises cannot be found in any other program on the market.“

    M. Lagerqvist / Naprapath

    Elite Rehab, Sweden

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