Exercises for children

Exercises adapted for children of varied ages.

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Start in a standing position. Bend your knees, place your hands on the mat and jump forward. Lower your body controlled but fast down onto the mat, then jump forward to your hands. Lastly you jump up from a deep squat and clap your hands over your head. Repeat.
Stand on your hands. The therapist supports the child around the knees so that only the child's hands are in contact with the floor. Move forward on the floor with your hands, keeping your back straight throughout.

Stand up straight with your legs together or apart, keep the balloon floating with your hands. Repeat the exercise several times in various positions. The therapist will stand behind the child, making sure it does not fall over.
Kneel on a mat. Try to lean your weight onto your left leg, supporting yourself on it without any other support. Repeat for the opposite leg.
Lie on your back and hold the ball between your feet; stretch your feet toward the ceiling. Lift your head and grab the ball with your hands. Repeat.

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Stretch the arms as far up towards the ceiling as possible and breathe in. Gently lower the arms while breathing out.
Ensure a good and upright position in the wheelchair. The child should strecth the muscles on the front of the thigh and attempt to outstretch the knee. Provide the help necessary to achieve an outstretched knee. When the knee is completely outstretched bend the ankle so that the toes are pointing upwards and then gently lower again. Provide what help is necessary for the child to complete the exercise.
Stand on your left foot. Hop to the left, and then to the right. Repeat. Switch feet.

Wear boxing gloves (if desired). Pretend to box with someone and punch the air in front of you. Try to punch in different directions.
Sit on the floor on an inclined cushion with your legs stretched. Lean your body forward and attempt to reach your toes. Feel the stretch on the back of the thigh. Hold for 30 seconds.
Stand upright and hold a mirror in front of the face. Form the mouth into an 0. Breathe out using the stomach and allow the breath to steam up the mirror.

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