Active dynamic

Here you can find a selection of exercises where you move the body actively and dynamically to increase flexibility.

Wallslide With Upper Clearancearrow

Stand facing the wall. Place your forearms on the wall, thumbs are pointing towards you. Slide your arms up along the wall. When you reach high, retract your scapulae and lift your arms off the wall. Hold this position for about 7 seconds before you let your arms slide down towards the wall again.

Complex Active Mobility Exercisearrow

Begin standing with a stick in your hands. 1. Roll your upper body slowly down, keep straight arms to the floor, straight legs. 2. Keep the stick towards the floor as you sit down in a deep squat position. 3. Get back to standing position and lift the stick to your chest. elbows are flexed and points laterally. Raise your arms and move the stick over your head with straight arms. 4. Keep your arms over your head as you sit down in a deep squat. Get back up to standing. 5. Move the stick along your body down to your ankles and sit back down in the deep squat position. 6. Keep the stick towards the floor and extend your knees the best you can. 7. From this position, roll back up to standing. 8. At last, move the stick to your chest and further up towards the ceiling with straight arms. Lean backwards as far as you feel comfortable.

Side-lying upper body rotationarrow

Lie on your side with the bottom hand under your head, and the top hand stretched out on the floor in front of your body. Keep the top leg bent. Twist your upper body by moving the arm up and back as far as possible. Hold the position for 30 seconds, and then slowly twist back. Try to maintain a steady lower body throughout the exercise.

Squat to Stand w/rotation and reacharrow

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your torso forward and bring your hands to the ground. Grab your toes and pull the hip into the squatting position with your arms inside your knees. Press your knees towards the side all the time. Try to straighten your back as much as possible. Look at one palm, and stretch it up toward the ceiling, then stretch your arm back in a controlled motion to the centre before the other arm passed up toward the ceiling. Once this is completed, lift both arms up over your head. Stretch your body up from the squat with the arms above your head.

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Hip Hinge Stretcharrow

Hip Hinge Stretch

Diagonal thorax stretcharrow

Stand on your knees with toes placed in the ground. Lift your arms up over your head, your back is kept straight. Move your right hand to touch your right heel and repeat the same on the opposite side. Repeat alternately.

Side bendarrow

Find the starting position by standing with your feet pointing forward and with a hip-width distance apart. Hold a pole over your head with a shoulder-width distance. It is important that your arms are stretched and kept as though they are a continuation of your back. Then do a side bend to one side. Return to the middle and repeat to the opposite side.

Barbell Jefferson Curlarrow

Stand upright and hold the barbell with both hands at hip level. Start the exercise by tucking your chin, then bending your neck and gradually bending your thoracic and lumbar spine. Arms hanging down. Make sure you keep a steady and controlled movement all the way down. Return to initial position by first straightening the lumbar spine, then the torso and neck in a controlled motion.

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