Stability - Ankle

Here you can find a selection of exercises to improve the stability of the ankle joint.

One leg balance on BOSUarrow

Stand on one leg on the flat side of a BOSU. Hold your hands in your side and keep your balance.

Jump on balance cushionarrow

Stand on one leg on a balance cushion with your hands in your side. Jump up and land on the balance cushion again.

Eccentric single leg heel raisesarrow

In stranding, perform a heel raise on both feet. While you have both heels off the ground, lift one foot of the ground and slowly lower yourself down on the other foot. Repeat the heel raise on both feet and lower down on one leg.

Single leg jump forward and backwardarrow

Stand on one foot. Jump forward and perform a controlled landing with your knee slightly bend. After regaining balance and control, do a jump backwards. Repeat back and forth.

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One leg balance on mat, from the sidearrow

Stand on one leg on a mat with your hands placed in your side. Keep your balance.

Write your name with your footarrow

Stand on one leg, write your name with your foot in the air. Repeat on the opposite side.

Walking on toesarrow

Walk forward on your toes with small steps and your feet parallel.

Standing Tandemarrow

Stand with one foot just in front of your other foot as you were balancing on a line.

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