Videos that show how you can transfer yourself or someone else that has some sort of injury or disability.

Rowing machinearrow

Adjust resistance by using the handle to your right. Press "on", choose the information you wish to see on the screen and start rowing. Pull the handle towards your abdomen while pushing with your legs until they are straight.

Precor: Elliptical Crosstrainer, stationary handlesarrow

Press "QUICK START". Adjust resistance and speed.

Heel strikes onsitearrow

Stand with parallel feet. Run on the spot and bring your hands up and down, without moving forward.

Precor: Recumbent Bikearrow

Choose a workout and start cycling. Alternatively, you can press QUICK START. To change the resistance, press +/-, Press STOPP to finish.

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Cybex: Treadmill Pro+arrow

You may choose a program and start the treadmill or just press start. To change speed press plus or minus, and to change incline press arrow up or arrow down. To finish press stop.

SkiErg: Polingarrow

Hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands at head level with elbows bent. Pull the handles down your side using your abdominals, keeping your knees bent. Then extend your elbows to finish the stride. Lift your arms and straighten the upper body. Return to starting position.


Start in standing position. Start the movement by bending your knees, placing your hands on the floor, and stretching your legs out behind your body. Lower your body quickly but yet steadily down towards the floor and move your feet quickly back towards your body. Jump up from deep knee bent position and clap your hands above your head with stretched arms.

Jumping Lungearrow

Take a long step forward and bend a little in your front knee. Switch place between your front and bag leg by jumping while, in turns, you move your arms back and forth diagonally, so your left arm follows your right leg and right arms follows your left leg.

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