Fall prevention

Here you can find a selection of exercises to improve balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Senior: Squat On A Cushion w/ Closed Eyesarrow

Stand on an unstable surface (e. g. a cushion). Bend your knees and lower yourself downwards keeping your back straight. Pretend that you are to sit down on a chair. Move as deep as you can, but stop at 90 degrees knee flexion. Make sure your knees don't move anterior to your toes. Push back up to starting position.

Standing Trunk Rotations w/arms crossedarrow

Stand on the floor with your arms crossed in front of your chest. Slowly rotate your torso from side to side. You gaze should follow the movement.

Walking in eightsarrow

Walk in a large eight shaped figure on the floor at a steady pace. Focus on taking equally big strides with both legs and having control when turning around.

Sit and get uparrow

Sit on a chair with your arms crossed in front of the chest. Move your torso forward and get up to a standing position.

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Neck rotations in standingarrow

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands behind your back. Rotate your head to the right and look as far as you can over your right shoulder. Hold this position a few seconds. Then rotate your head over your left shoulder. Try to keep your body stable while you rotate your head sideways.

Walking backwards with supportarrow

Support a hand on a table, kitchen countertops, etc. and walk backwards in a controlled tempo.

Sideways walking in parallel barsarrow

Walk sideways back and forth in the parallel bars. Avoid crossing your feet.

Reverse Lunge w/ supportarrow

Stand behind a chair, place on hand on the backrest as support. Place your other hand on your hip. Take a long step backwards. When your body is in balance, lower your body straight down steadily, so your knee on your back leg touches the floor. Kick back with your front foot and return to starting position. Keep your upper body straight during the entire movement.

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