Stability - knee

Here you can find a selection of exercises to improve the stability of the knee joint.

Single Leg Side Jump Between Balance Cushionsarrow

Place two balance cushions next to each other, 20-50 cm apart. Stand on one foot on one of the cushions. Jump to the other cushion, land on the same foot. Land softly and stable, don't let your knee collapse inwards. Repeat jumping sideways.

Multidirectional Standing Leg Slidearrow

Stand upright with your arms akimbo. Place a slide underneath your leg to reduce friction. Slide the leg along the floor; forward, sideways and backward. Be sure to keep your standing knee joint in the same position throughout the exercise.

Terminal Knee Extensions w/resistance bandarrow

Stå på gulvet med en strikk rundt det ene kneet og lett bøyde knær. Strekk så kontrollert ut i kneet, unngå overstrekk. Slipp så rolig opp til lett bøy igjen.

Ascending a step with a leg liftarrow

Place a leg on the box standing in front of you. Knees and toes must point forward and in the same direction. Place your whole weight on the leg placed on the step. Lift yourself up on the leg on the step. Tighten the frontside of the thigh and the bottom, so that you stretch the leg you are standing on. Lift up the opposite leg, while it is bend. Slowly lower the leg again and repeat with the same leg.

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Non-supported Eccentric Step Tappingarrow

Stand upright on a step box with arms akimbo. Move one leg forward in front of the box, then lower down using the other leg. Tap the floor with your toe, return and repeat.

Eccentric single-leg squats on a slanting boardarrow

Stand on a slope board with your legs stretched. Lift up one leg and do the squat with one leg. Return using both legs.

Lateral lunge to balance padarrow

Stand on the floor with arms akimbo, next to a balance pad. Take a large step sideways with one leg and place it on top of the balance pad. Bend the knee of the leg on the balance pad. Push away and move the leg back to the starting position.

Bulgarian Split Squat w/barbellarrow

Look straight forward during the entire exercise. Start on one leg and with the centre of gravity right through your body. Distribute most of your weight to the back of your foot. The other leg should rest on a bench and be passive during the whole exercise. By focusing on your stomach and the lumbar region of your back, keep your body still during the entire exercise. Breathe in on your way down, hold your breath at the lowest part of the movement and breathe out on your way back up. Finish the exercise at 90 degrees angle in your knees.

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