Machine exercises

Here you can find exercises where you use different exercise equipment.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldownarrow

With a wide bar grip, lean upper body and head slightly backwards. Push your chest out and pull the bar down to your chest. Slowly return to the start position and repeat. To increase the range of motion and further engage the muscles acting on the shoulder girdle you can pull the shoulder girdles down when doing the pulldown and let the shoulders be pulled upwards when returning to the starting position.

Back Raisesarrow

Lie with your legs straight, letting your upper body hang to the floor. Contract your abdomen and lower back, raising your upper body in a gentle movement while keeping it straight.

Seated one-arm rowingarrow

Sit with your knees slightly bent. In the start position, your active arm and shoulder are stretched forward, your body is turned slightly to the same side. Pull your shoulder and arm back fully allowing your body turn with the movement.

Glute kickbackarrow

Stand leaning forwards, supported against the pad. Straighten your active leg backward. Your hip, knee and ankle must be stretched by the end of movement. Repeat with your other leg.

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HUR: Knee Extensionsarrow

Sit with proper lower back support, grab on to the handles on the side of the device. Press the front of the ankles against the ankle-pad and stretch out both knees. Lower legs back carefully and repeat.

Standing Straight Leg Raise w/ cablearrow

Stand facing away from the appliance, hands on your hips. The cables are attached at ground level, strapped around your ankle. Lift your leg straight forward, keeping your knee extended at all time. Slowly lower your leg back down and repeat. The upper body is kept stationary throughout the exercise.

Standing Cable Flyesarrow

Stand facing away from the appliance, one leg in front of the other. The cables are attached at chest level. Hold one cable in each hand out your side keeping your elbows slightly bend. Bring the cables together in a hugging motion with elbows in a fixed position. Slowly return.

Precor: Elliptical Crosstrainer, stationary handlesarrow

Press "QUICK START". Adjust resistance and speed.

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