Stability - Neck

Here you can find a selection of exercises to improve the ability to stabilize the neck muscles and joints.

All Fours Chin Tuckarrow

Stand on all fours. Raise your head, extending your body. Push your upper back toward the ceiling to avoid "dropping" your shoulder region. Now pull your chin inward while trying to extend your neck. This is the neutral position of your neck. Hold that position for 10-30 seconds while breathing normally.

Standing on all four w/ neck rotationarrow

Stand on all four on a mat. Rotate your neck in an easy pace from side to side.

Neck stretcharrow

Adjust the back support to 20 degrees. Place a towel between the bench and your chest. Sit facing the back support with your forehead resting against it. Raise your neck so that your forehead is lifted approx 5 cm. from the bench, bringing your head in line with your body.

Supine neck-rotationarrow

Fasten the strap around your head. Lie supine with your hip and knees bent. In a slow and controlled manner, rotate your head away from the pull-machine. Return and repeat the exercise.

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Neck bendarrow

Sit on a bench with a back support adjusted to a 50 degree angle; rest your head against it. Pull your chin slightly in, lifting your head off the bench.

Band Resisted Neck Flexionarrow

Standing or seated. Attach an elastic band around your head, the other end of the elastics is attached behind you. Move your head forward against the resistance of the elastics and tuck your chin. Slowly return and repeat.

Back-lying neck bendarrow

Lie on your back. Pull your chin inward, making a "double chin", and raise your head toward your chest. Slowly move back and repeat.

Band Resisted Neck Retractionarrow

Standing or seated. Attach an elastic band around your head, hold the other end of it with your hand in front of you. Press your neck backwards against the resistance of the band. Make sure to look forward. Slowly return and repeat.

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