Here you can find a selection of exercises where you hold the end range of motion over a given period of time. This is done to increase flexibility in muscles and joints.

Hip flexorsarrow

Sit on one knee (proposal position) on a mat. Keep an open knee angle in your front leg. Place your hands at waist height and push your hip forward until you feel the front of your hip stretch. Hold the position. Return to starting position and repeat. It is important that the back is kept straight during the exercise.


Start by spreading your legs, stretching one leg backward and bending the other leg under your body. Lean your weight forward while supporting yourself on your arms. When you feel the muscles of your buttocks stretch, hold the position for 30 seconds. Change legs.

Front side thigh and hiparrow

Stand upright. Hold one ankle and pull the heel to your buttock. Push your hip forward until you feel the front of your thigh stretch. Ensure that your knees are kept together. Hold for 30 seconds and change legs.

Back of thigh and calfarrow

Stand with your hands on your sides and put one foot on a bench or something similar. Keep your leg and back straight. Slowly lower your upper body forward until you feel the back of your thigh stretch. Avoid bending your back. Hold for 30 seconds and change legs.

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Inside of thigharrow

Stand legs apart and put your weight on one leg. Bend your knee and lean your body sideways until you feel the inside of your opposite thigh stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and change legs.


Sit on your knees and lower your upper body toward your thighs. Stretch your arms forward above your head and feel your back stretch. Hold the position for 30 seconds.


Place one hand on your head and gently pull it towards your shoulder. Ensure you keep the opposite shoulder lowered. When the side of the neck is stretched, hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat for opposite side.


Stretch one arm out in front of your chest, with your palm face down. With the other hand bend your fingers inward so that your palm is turned facing the body. When you feel your upper forearm stretching, hold the position for 30 seconds. Change arm.

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