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Get access to a number of useful features that make everyday life easier.

Create and find professional exercises, programs and plans for your patients. Share easily in several different ways, and give patients easy access to their training.

Quality-assured exercises

8583 quality-assured exercises with video, drawing and description

Training programs

Over 1000 quality assured training programs and longer videos

Training plan

Set up an exercise plan. Drag exercises and programs into the calendar

Custom exercises

Upload your own video, photos and describe the exercise yourself

Easy sharing

Share via email, print and the training app ExorLive Go

ExorLive Go App

Share exercises, programs and plans with your clients via the ExorLive Go App

Statistics and feedback

Follow the development and choose from different types of useful statistics

Intelligent search

Several different filter categories, open search and a learning system

Secure storage

ExorLive complies with GDPR and patient laws

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You get access to all main functions for 14 days. Create exercise programs quickly and easily from over 8000 exercises with video. There are no commitments and no installation.

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