Fine motor skills

Here you can find a selection of exercises that focus on smaller movements, which often place greater demands on precision.

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Use the thumb of your other hand to support straight under the proximal interphalangeal joint of your index finger. Try to keep the distal interphalangeal joint straight as you bend and extend the PIP joint.
Sit on a chair with a wide step and place a plastic cup upside down between your feet. Carefully raise one foot to gently touch the cup with your heel, the cup should not brake or crunch. Place your leg back down again and repeat on the opposite side.
Stand on a mat with a pilates ball behind you. Sit down on the mat so that you have the ball right behind your back. Push yourself up on the ball lying on your back, keeping your feet down on the ground. Hold the position and touch your nose alternately with your hands. Go back to the starting position and stand up. Repeat.

Sit on a chair and wear a shirt or a sweater with folded buttons. Hold the shirt on each side of the shirt and open one button at the time.
Sit on a chair wearing a pair of untied shoes. Bring the laces over each other to form a triangle between the laces and shoes, tie. Make a loop with one lace and thread the other lace around the loop and into the hole. Then tighten. Repeat on the other foot.
Stand with a table in front of you and a water-filled screw cap bottle and a glass on the table. Open the cap with one hand, and support the bottle with the other. Pour the water into the glass, and then close the cap.

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With reduced function in one side, focus on utilizing this side as much as possible in the activity.
Fastening screws of different sizes on a board. Screw on the nuts and washers. With reduced function in one side, focus on utilizing this side as much as possible in the activity.
Sit by a table. Hold a thread in one hand and a bead in the other. Thread the bead. Repeat.

Sit on a chair beside a table. Lay the little finger side of your hand down on the table. Bring your thumb and forefinger together to form an O. Do the same with the other fingers.
Sit by a table. Collect a bunch of small sticks and release them, allowing them to fall on top of each other on the table. Gather the sticks up one by one by pinching them (using thumb and forefinger).
Sit on a chair with a pair of socks on the floor. Bring one of the socks and pull it over the front part of the foot and then over the heel. Repeat on the opposite side.

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