Foam Roller

Foam roller can be used to increase the mobility in your muscles. both before and after a workout. Using a foam roller may contribute to prevention of injuries and pain in muscles and sceleton, as you roll muscle nodules and scar tissue away. Addiotionally, the foam roller increase the blod supply to the body, helping you recover faster. For the best results, use the foam roller once or twice a day. Hold every position for 1-2 minutes. It is very common to feel some pain while using the roller, but adjust how much pressure you are comfortable with applying.

Foam roller: Outer thighs with both legs on the roller
Lay on the side, so your foam roller is positioned on the outside of your thigh, right underneath the hip. Place both legs on the roll and use your arms to stabilize and move your body. Roll up and down along the leg.
Foam roller: Chest back
Lay on your back with the roll placed on the middle of your back. Bend your knees 90 degrees and use them to move the roll up and down the back. You can also bend and stretch the upper part of your back to increase mobility. Sore areas should be paid extra attention to.
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