Exercises that aim to improve the ability to communicate, eat and swallow.

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Place the V1 by the muscle insertion by the jaw and cheekbone. Pull in the direction of the muscle towards the lip, quickly release. Always stimulate both sides.
Breath through a straw placed in a glass of water and create bubbles. Vary the strength and duration of exhalation.
Press your tongue against the inside of the cheek and provide resistance to the movement with your hand. Vary the force, duration and placement of the tongue.

Stand or sit. Create an overpressure in the oral cavity and deflate by making a "bm-bm-bm" sound, like the sound of an old-fashioned motor boat.
Place S5 between your lips and teeth. Move the handle a bit downwards, pull outwards, pull back through performing a smile. Adjust the resistance with your hand.
Place the K5 horizontal in your mouth. Move the ball with your tongue in calm movements. Avoid movement of your jaw. The purpose of this exercise is to train the motor skills of the tongue and its ability to cross the midline.

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Keep your mouth closed. Slide your tongue on your teeth, outside the upper and lower jaw.
Place a finger on the lower lip at the affected side of the face. Sweep your finger from the corner mouth to the middle of the lip.
Stand or sit. Say the word "IGLOO". Be clear in all wording that the word contains.

Stick out your tongue to lip edge on one side. Move the tongue along the lip to the opposite side. Move it back and forth.
Smile by broadening your mouth, then pout your lips (Smile and kiss). Repeat alternately.
1. Place the K10M horizontal between your lips. Move the ball with your tongue, calm movements. 2. Place the K10M in your mouth horizontal and towards your cheek. Move the ball with your tongue, calm movements. 3. Repeat 2. on the opposite side. 4. Place the K10M vertical behind your front teeth. Move the ball up and down with your tongue, calm movements. Avoid movement of the jaw.

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