Patient transfer exercises

Patient transfer: Bed to wheelchair w/lift and 2 helpers
The patient seated in bed with a sling applied, headboard is elevated. The lift bracket is placed above the patient. Helpers: Places the straps in pairs at the hooks on the bracket. Helper 1 instructs the patient: Lift your head and grab the sling straps Raises the lift and lowers the bed until the patient floats. Helper 2: Lowers the bed simultaneously as the patient elevates. Helper 1: Stretch your legs Pulling the patients legs off the edge of the bed. Pushing the patients knees and leads the patient above the wheelchair. The patients buttocks touches the back piece of the wheelchair. Helper 1 lowers the patient while both helpers pushes the patients knees until the patient sits firmly back in to the chair.
Patient transfer: from bed to wheelchair
Sit at the edge of the bed and place both feet on the floor. Position the wheelchair close to the bed at your non-affected side. Make sure to turn on the brakes. Remove the footboard and armrest closest to the bed. If you have an adjustable bed adjust it so that the bed and the seat of the wheelchair are level. Use the armrest furthest away from you. Lean forward and transfer yourself onto the chair. Reattach the armrest and footboard.
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