ExorLive Go App Extensions

Customize the experience with the municipality's design and unique functions. Offer personalized training programs and automatic suggestions. In addition, your municipality can get its very own app in the App Store and Google Play.

Customize the app with ExorLive Go Toolbox

Create a unique and personal experience for the municipality's residents. We are happy to help you get started!

  • The municipality's logo and colors

  • Buttons with training content, information and the like

  • Choose from unique additional features

  • Customized for different target groups

Personalization with ExorLive Survey

Give residents the opportunity to answer questions and let the answers provide the basis for personalized exercise programs. We offer several different and have surveys for healthy people, in need of care and in rehabilitation.

  • Easily accessible via the ExorLive Go App

  • Quality assured by our physiotherapists

  • Custom survey can be ordered

  • Survey can consist of both questions and tests

Recommendations with ExorLive Recommendation

ExorLive Recommendation gives the municipality's residents automatic suggestions for exercises, programs and plans, based on their profile.

  • The standard version is included in the ExorLive Go Toolbox

  • Custom version can be ordered

  • Can be combined with ExorLive Survey

Integrate or get your very own training app

Own App in the Appstore / Google Play

The municipality's customized training app can be made available in the AppStore or Google Play. We have a practical and cost-effective solution.

Integrate with your own app‍

Integrate ExorLive Go or parts of the functions in the municipality's already existing app. We adapt the solution to your needs.

Try ExorLive for free

You get access to all main functions for 14 days. Create exercise programs quickly and easily from over 8000 exercises with video. There are no commitments and no installation.

Or contact us

We are here for you and are happy to help you find the solution that suits you best. Contact us at +44 20 3608 1313 or sales@exorlive.com