Partnered exercises

Here you can find a selection of exercises that you can do with a partner.

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Stand on all fours in a plank position with your heads facing each other. Both partners raise the right hand from the surface and slap each other's palms. Repeat with the left hands. Abdominals should be flexed and the back kept straight during the entire exercise.
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the ball close to you in front of your body. Sit down in a deep knee bend and move all the way down so your hips are below your knee joints. Keep your back straight during the movement. From bottom position, stretch your body back up again, and then throw the ball to your partner. The partner catches the ball, repeats the exercise, and throws the ball back to you again. It is important to adjust the throw to the partner. Timing and control are important.
Stand on your knees. Allow a training buddy to hold your ankles. Lower your upper body forward while tightening your thigh-hip-back musculature, and keeping your back and hips stretched. Slowly do the movement as close down towards the floor as possible, when you cannot come any closer, use your arms to get back into starting position.

Lie on your stomach facing each other and arms stretched above your heads. One partner grabs the ball. Both partners raise your torsos from the surface. The ball is then passed to the other partner. Lower your torsos and repeat. Look down towards the floor during the entire exercise.
One person stands in plank position on hands with straight arms. The partner grabs the ankles and lifts the legs up until the body has a straight position. The person standing releases every two feet while the person in plank position is trying to keep his body straight and stable without rotating the pelvis.
One partner lies on his/her back on a mat while the other partner stands next to him/her in a plank position. The first partner starts rolling towards the other partner who then jumps over him/her and lands in a plank position again. Switch roles and repeat the exercise.

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Both are standing on one leg with both hands on a joint ball. Jump with one leg while you are fighting for the ball, all the time with both hands on the ball.
Stand beside a chair or similar which you can use for support. Stand on one leg, with the knee a little bend. Lift your toes free from the floor, so the emphasis of the weight is on your heel. Have a partner hold the opposite leg. Move as far backwards as you can and use the backside of the thigh on the leg you are standing on to pull back to starting position.
One person stands stooping and rests hands on the knees with stretched arms. Find a stable position. The other person runs and jump over the partner by placing the arms on the back of the partner.

One partner is positioned on all fours in a plank position. The other partner stands upright and alternates between jumping over and crawling under the partner.
Both sit on the floor with your feet together. One has the feet on the outside of both legs of the other. The partner with the legs outermost squeezes both legs inwards, while the partner with his legs innermost pushes his legs outward toward his partner's legs.
Place yourself in a side lying position, support yourself on your forearm. Your partner is placed behind you and is holding around the knee of your upper leg. Your legs are now in an abducted position. Lift your body and lower leg up from the ground and move your leg towards the upper leg, making av straight line through the body. Return to starting position. The exercise is performed slowly and controlled.

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