ExorLive Exercise Player

More than 6000 exercises makes it easy to find inspiration! Find exercises for rehabilitation, habilitation, occupational therapy, fitness and much more.


Balance exercises

Easy exercises on the floor and on balance cushion.

See balance exercises

Patient transfer

Take a look at our patient transfer description and videos

See patient transfer exercises

Fall preventive exercises

We have numerous fall preventive exercises, for instance regarding strength and balance.

See fall preventive exercises


Hand exercises

Occupational therapy: Hand exercises

See exercises for hand rehabilitation

Daily Activities

Occupational therapy: Dressing, office- and kitchen activities, and exercises for users with hemiplegia or tetraplegia.

See exercises for daily activities

Exercising at home

We have exercises that can be done easily at home, on vacation or other travels.

See exercises for home workoutsg


Outdoor exercise

In the exercise equipment category, under "no equipoment," you will find more than 1000 exercises. Here you can see exercises suitable for outdoor use.

See exercises for outdoor workouts


By using the rings, you can improve strength and stability. You will find variuos pull-ups, muscle-ups, flies, push-ups, rowing and gymnastic inspired exercises.

See Crossfit-Rings exercises

Foam Roller exercises

Different exercises for massage roll and accupoint ball.

See foam roller exercises