Exercises that aim to prevent injury and ailments.

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Place yourself in a side lying position, support yourself on your forearm. Your partner is placed behind you and is holding around the ankle of your upper leg. Your legs are now in an abducted position. Lift your body and lower leg up from the ground and move your leg towards the upper leg, making av straight line through the body. Return to starting position. The exercise is performed slowly and controlled.
Stand on your knees. Allow a training buddy to hold your ankles. Lower your upper body forward while tightening your thigh-hip-back musculature, and keeping your back and hips stretched. Slowly do the movement as close down towards the floor as possible, when you cannot come any closer, use your arms to get back into starting position.
Start standing on two legs with a BOSU ball in front of you. Jump up on to the BOSU ball, landing on one leg. Land softly and stable, don't allow your knee to collapse inwards.

Stand with a box next to you. Stand on one foot and jump laterally up on the box. Land on the box and stabilise your movement before jumping off the box again. Jump back to the same side. Knee control and balance are important during this exercise.
Place two balance cushions next to each other, 20-50 cm apart. Stand on one foot on one of the cushions. Jump to the other cushion, land on the same foot. Land softly and stable, don't let your knee collapse inwards. Repeat jumping sideways.
Stand on the balance cushion and keep your balance. Raise one leg and bend your knee while keeping your balance on your other leg for as long as possible. Repeat the exercise with your other leg.

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Place your feet on a slanting board. Perform a heel raise. Slowly lower yourself down to starting position. Support yourself to a wall bar or something similar.
Stand on the knees with the arms straight in front of the body and have a sling in each hand. Stabilise the abdominal and lower back. Lean the body forward by moving the arms straight ahead so that they are over the head in the extension of the body. Push the arms down again to return to the starting position.
Stand facing the machine, firmly grasping the handle. Your arm is raised out to the side with your elbow bent 90 degrees and forearm pointing forward. Rotate your shoulder to swing your forearm upward, keeping your upper arm still. Slowly return to the start position and repeat. Change arms.

Stand with the knees on a balance cushion and support yourself with the arms in the slings straight ahead. Stabilize the stomach and the lumbar part of the back. Slowly lower the body by bending the elbows until the arms are in level with the chest. Slowly push back by stretching the elbows.
Start in a one-hand side-plank position. The bell is placed on the floor by your hips. In a single move, pull the kettlebell in a straight line to the top position above the hand on the floor. Lower again and repeat.
Turn the BOSU-ball so that the round side is down. Place the hands on the handles of the BOSU-ball. Stand on the toes. Keep the shoulders low and slowly lower the body down towards the floor by moving the elbows to the side and bending them at the same time. Push back up to the starting position by pushing and stretching the arms. At the peak, push a little more so that the shoulder blades move apart.

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