Repetative strain injuries

Rehabilitation exercises for different diagnoses and stress-related ailments.

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Keep your fist clenched as you press the ulnar side of your hand outwards as you add resistance with your other hand. Keep your wrist stable in neutral position throughout the exercise. Hold the pressure for 3-5 seconds.
Stand on your toes on the edge of a step, keep your knees flexed. Lift one foot of the step. From this single leg heel raised position, lower yourself slowly down with the heel outside the step. Place your other forefoot on the step and push back up to a heel raised position. Repeat the eccentric movement on one leg. Support yourself to a wall or something similar if needed.
Stand up straight holding a dumbbell in one hand. Raise it above your head using both hands. Lower the dumbbell laterally in a controlled motion all the way down to the starting position with one hand. Make sure your thumb points upward.

Stand sideways with your shoulder towards a wall. Keep your elbow in a 90° flexion. Press your elbow towards the wall and hold this pressure.
Stand on the floor with a hip-width distance between your legs. Knees and toes are pointing forward. Lift up one leg. Do the squat with one leg, and return using both legs.
Lay in supine position, one leg stretched and one leg bent. Place an elastic band around the foot sole of the straight leg and over the thigh of the bend leg. Pull the thigh of the bent leg towards your chest. Let go of the thigh with your hands and slowly decelerate your leg back to starting position.

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Place your hands inside the miniband at wrist level. Place a rolled up towel between the body and the upper arm to be performing the external rotation. The elbows should be in 90 degrees flexion. Press the targeted hand out to the side while keeping the other arm and hand stable, creating increasing tension in the miniband the further you press. Return to the starting position in a controlled manner. The arm you externally rotate works dynamically while the other arm works isometrically (statically).
Sit with legs apart leaning on one hand. Support your elbow on your upwards pointing knee. Hold a dumbbell, lower it down by internally rotating your shoulder. Externally rotate your shoulder by lifting the dumbbell up to point towards the ceiling. Slowly lower back down to repeat.
Stand with one foot on a slanting board. Perform a heel raise. Slowly lower yourself back to starting position.

Stand upright with feet positioned at hip width and an elastic band around both knees. Squat down until you have 90 degree angles in hips and knees. Knees and toes should point straight ahead. Keep the tension in the band all the time. This way you avoid that your knees fall in towards each other. Slowly push yourself up to starting position.
Assume starting position by standing on one foot on a stable box or step with the other leg hangs off the box. The weight bearing leg should be straight, the pelvis level and the abdominal muscles engaged. Let the pelvis and non-weigth bearing leg drop slowly down in a controlled manner. Return to the starting position by using your hip muscles on your support leg. Keep the support leg straight and your abdominal muslces engaged throughout the exercise.
Stand on one foot, knee slightly flexed. Lean sideways against the wall, opposite side. Flex the hip on your inner leg slightly and lean your back slightly forward, making an angle of appr. 60° hip flexion. Lean your upper body against the wall as you try to abduct your inner leg, pushing it toward the wall. Keep this pressure.

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