SeniorLive is carefully selected exercises put together with cheerful and motivational music. With the help of SeniorLive, it is easy to introduce activity at the municipality's nursing homes and institutions.

The SeniorLive exercise films

SeniorLive is the result of a collaboration with Ragna Skipstad from FYSIOklinikken in Egersund in Norway, as well as physiotherapists and researchers at the National Center for Aging and Health in Norway.

The films are divided into 6 different levels of difficulty and can be used for training both individually and in groups. The selected exercises have been used in research studies and aim to maintain or increase function, strength and balance.

The films are fun and motivating with adapted music for the age group. The movements are clear and easy to follow.

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Group training to music
SeniorLive can be used like this

Lars wants to introduce more activity and at the same time spread joy to the elderly in his department. As a healthcare professional, he needs to find a solution that he can easily get started with and that does not require more resources at work.

He therefore plays SeniorLive on a TV so that the elderly can follow the exercise films with happy and motivating music. With an on-screen instructor, it will be easier for Lars to help those who need some extra help.

SeniorLive is developed in collaboration with:

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