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Regular physical activity is a universal medicine that prevents ailments. It is an important source of energy, self-reliance in everyday life and over all good health.

As we grow older, we lose muscle strength and our balance is reduced. The best way to limit the loss of function is to be active and spend as much time as possible in weight-bearing, standing position.


SeniorLive is a series of instructional exercise videos set with music. The programme consists of functional strength and balance training for seniors. The exercises should be performed standing with the support of a chair or walker.

The programs are suited for people with reduced balance and walking function. It is also well suited as group exercise for seniors.

You will have access to all the exercises and programs from SeniorLive if you have an ExorLive license. Use the keyword SeniorLive.

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With ExorLive you can:

  • prepare standard training programs for users according to their rehabilitation needs
  • tailoring training to individual users
  • move the training out of the municipality and home to the user
  • get relatives to help