Stability - Shoulder

Here you can find a selection of exercises to improve the ability to stabilize the shoulder joint.

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Start in a one-hand side-plank position. The bell is placed on the floor by your hips. In a single move, pull the kettlebell in a straight line to the top position above the hand on the floor. Lower again and repeat.
Stand with the toes on the floor and support yourself with the arms stretched in the slings. Hold a sling in each hand and hook the back. Stabilise the stomach and the lumbar part of the back. Lower the upper body, without bending the elbows, by pulling the shoulder blades together. Slowly push back to the starting position.
Stand upright with one hand akimbo. Hold a kettlebell by the handle, bottoms-up, with the other at your shoulder. Tighten your core and lift the kettlebell upward extending your elbow fully. Slowly lower down and repeat.

Standing sideways with hand in Power Grip. Power Grip waist high, attached at a rope. Cords in its original position. 1) Sit straight body to the side by moving stride out from the body 2) Move the arm back and forth 3) Return to the starting position by pushing straight arm in towards the body.
In supine position, have your hips and knees bend. Hold your single arm up towards the ceiling with a ball in your hand. From this position, press your arm further towards the ceiling making your scapula slide laterally. Lower your arm down to starting position, keeping the ball still pointed towards the ceiling.
Stand on your toes with your hands placed in the middle of the mats. Tighten abdomen and keep it tight as you slide forward using your arms. Press your palms down on the floor and keep your hips straight. Pull both hands back to starting position in one stroke till you almost feel like you fall backwards.

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Kneeling, with straps on the elbows. Straps at shoulder height. Suspension point above the ankles. Keep elbows bent at 90 degrees. 1) Lean forward with a straight body until 90 degrees at shoulder 2) Return to starting position by pressing arms down in the straps.
Laying on back, with knees bent and feet on the ground. Straps in hand, level with the knees. Suspension point over the hips. Keep arms straight above head. 1) Lift upper body by pressing hands down in straps 2) Move arms out to the side and up 3) Return to starting position.
Start sitting on the floor with your feet placed in the ground, your hands placed below your shoulders with your fingers pointing forward. Pull your shoulder blades together while pushing the hips up toward the ceiling. Hold for a bit before slowly lowering down to repeat.

Lie face down on the ball with your body straight. Support yourself with straight arms. Contract your abdomen and lower back and start walking forward on the ball. Return and repeat.
Start standing holding the bell in one hand stretched over your head. Keep your eyes on the bell. If you have the bell in the right arm, support yourself with your right foot and lunge backward with your left foot until your knee touch the ground. Bend to the side and place your left hand behind you. When you are in contact with the floor with your left hand and right foot, raise your hip up and forward and allow your left leg to pass under your hip and stretch out. Sit on your buttocks. Lean your upper body back and bend your free hand so that your elbow comes in contact with the floor. Finally, lie down with both shoulders flat on the floor. Get up again using the same technique: op on your elbow, up on your hand, raise your hip from the floor, pass your left leg under and place your knee on the floor in a lunge position and then get up.
Stand on your feet and hands with your body straight and rigid and your hands on the ball. Lower your body to the ball, push back to the start position and repeat.

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