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Lie on your back with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees and straight arms above your chest. Activate the lower and profounder part of your abdominal muscles, pull your navel inward, making a "flat abdomen". At the same time, lower one arm backward over your head and your opposite leg to the floor.
Stand on the floor with hands in TRX and elbows right under the shoulders. Lower the body down towards the floor and pull yourself back to the starting position with the elbows kept close to your body. The exercise is made more strenuous by changing the angle.
Attach a circular elastic band around your legs just above the knees. Lie supine with knees bent and apart in order to create tension in the band. Contract your buttocks and lift your hips off the ground while pressing your knees a bit out to the side to counter the pull of the resistance band. Mark the end position, return and repeat.

Start on one leg and with the centre of gravity right through your body. Distribute most of your weight to the back of your foot. The other leg should rest on a chair and be stable during the whole exercise. By focusing on your stomach and the lumbar region of your back, keep your trunk stable during execution. Perform a split squat by letting your upright body sink down towards floor. Stop the movement when you reach 90 degress flexion in the knee. Return to the start position by pushing down through your heel and extend your leg. Your trunk and hip should ascend upwards and forwards, fully enganging your hip and leg. Breathe in on your way down, hold your breath at the lowest part of the movement and breathe out on your way back up.
Lie on your back with both legs on the ball and arms by your sides. Find the neutral position of your back and pelvis, "flatten" your abdomen and raise your pelvis toward the ceiling until you lie on your shoulders only. Pull your legs up under you by bending your knees and roll back.
Stå på tær og albuer og finn nøytralstillingen av ryggen og bekken. Lag "flat mage" og stå i denne posisjonen i 10-15 sek.

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Focus on a spot in front of you. Tighten your abdomen, place one foot on the mat and move backwards. Lower your back knee down towards the floor. Press your bottom down towards the floor, tighten abdomen and move your leg back to starting position.
Lie on your back, put the sole of one foot on the floor and your arms slightly out to teh sides. Activate the lower and profounder part of your abdominal muscles and pull your navel inward, "flattening" your abdomen. Raise your pelvis until you rest on your shoulder blades. Slowly lower back and raise again. Repeat with your other leg.
Lie on your side with bent knees, supporting yourself on one elbow. Find the neutral position of your back and pelvis. "Flatten" your abdomen and raise your pelvis until your body is straight. Hold for 10-15 seconds and rest equally. Repeat for the other side.

Place the BOSU on the floor upside down. Stand on the BOSU with your feet hip-width apart and your hands on your hips. Do knee bends with your knees in a 90 degrees angle and return to starting position.
Place a leg on the box standing in front of you. Knees and toes must point forward and in the same direction. Place your whole weight on the leg placed on the step. Lift yourself up on the leg on the step. Tighten the frontside of the thigh and the bottom, so that you stretch the leg you are standing on. Slowly lower the leg again and repeat with the opposite leg.
Stand on a balance cushion (or fold a mat and stand on that). Stand on one leg with the knee stretched. Hold the other leg out in the air and grab a hold of your hips with your hands. Make sure to keep your knees and toes in alignment.

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