Technical solutions

A solution that grows with you. Take advantage of API, WebWrapper, Program Exporter, ADFS, and PDS.

ExorLive API

Use ExorLive’s rich API functionality for better user experience and automation of services. 450 GBP per year.

ExorLive WebWrapper

Run ExorLive safely on every user’s PC as if ExorLive was installed. This offers the possibility of integrating into an electronic journal system/CRM that is installed locally, as well as Single SignOn (SSO).

ExorLive Program Exporter

Have all signed patient programs exported automatically to your journal system. You can view the program as a PDF.

ExorLive ADFS

The organization can benefit from existing Active Directory (AD) for simple and efficient user administration and SSO.

ExorLive PDS

Know that personal information remains on your internal server or wherever you wish with ExorLive PDS module. (Personal Data Security Module). In other words, you can take advantage of the benefits that come with our cloud-service without having to worry about the safety of your personal information.

Try ExorLive for free

You get access to all main functions for 14 days. Create exercise programs quickly and easily from over 8000 exercises with video. There are no commitments and no installation.

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