ExorLive Enterprise

Create and find professional exercises and training programs. Easily share with your clients.

ExorLive Go App

Increase motivation and training results for your clients, and share exercises, programs and plans via the ExorLive Go App.

ExorLive Assistant

Interdisciplinary collaboration between physiotherapist and nursing staff on the patient's rehabilitation process.

ExorLive Player

Share quality-assured exercises and exercise programs on your website, social media and other channels with ExorLive Player.

SeniorLive Enterprise

Introduce activity in nursing homes and institutions with the training videos SeniorLive.

Additional features

We have a number of additional features that allow you to get even more out of ExorLive.

ExorLive Media Storage

With ExorLive media storage, you can increase storage space and upload more of your own exercises and larger videos to share with your clients.

ExorLive Video meeting

With ExorLive Video meeting, you can guide and adjust your clients exercise program over video while you talk and see each other.

ExorLives Technical solutions

A solution that grows with you. Take advantage of API, WebWrapper, Program Exporter, ADFS, and PDS.

Course and workshops

ExorLive offers courses and workshops, and has plenty of experience with training employees and teaching new functions.


Do you need extra help from us? No problem. We have a team that can assist you in project management and cost-effective adjustments to meet your needs.

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